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Welcome to FESCO Online Bill website, your trusted partner in electricity management in Faisalabad region!

At FESCO Bill, we are dedicated to making your electricity billing experience simple and convenient. As a leading electric utility company based in Faisalabad, Punjab, we strive to provide exceptional services to our customers.

Our Customer Service Center, located in Model Town on Jail Road, is here to assist you with all your billing queries, complaints, and online bill payment needs. Whether you’re facing issues with your bill or want to make a payment online, our team is ready to help you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on offering a user-friendly website interface, ensuring seamless transactions and quick resolution of any concerns you may have. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we operate 24/7 to ensure accessibility and convenience for you.

Experience hassle-free bill payments and superior customer service with FESCO Bill. Visit our website at https://fescoonlinebill.org.pk/ to avail of our services and streamline your electricity bill payment process today.

Services offered by FESCO:

  • Electricity Bill Payment
  • Billing Assistance
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Customer Support
  • Billing Enquiries
  • Payment Confirmation
  • Service Requests
  • Meter Readings
  • New Connections
  • Power Outage Updates
  • Tariff Information
  • Bill Calculations
  • Account Management
  • Payment Options
  • Disconnection Requests
  • Meter Installation
  • Billing History
  • Meter Testing
  • Consumer Education
  • Energy Saving Tips

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