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Welcome to the FESCO bill portal (فیسکو بل چیک), your one-stop destination for accessing your FESCO online bill. Whether you need to download and print your bill, check for duplicate bills, or make a payment, you’ve come to the right place. Just type your 14-digit Reference Number or your 10-digit Customer ID in the box above to check your FESCO bill online.

How to Check FESCO Bill Online?

Experience the convenience of handling your FESCO bill online check April 2024 with our comprehensive guide. This guide shows you how to check your FESCO Bill online, pay it, and see important billing information.

Here’s how you can start: just follow these easy steps:

  • Visit the FESCO MIS Portal: Navigate to the free website by clicking on https://fescoonlinebill.org.pk/.
  • Enter Reference Number: Enter the 14-digit reference number or 10-digit Customer ID from your bill into the box. You can see image below, as a reference.
  • Retrieve Bill: After you enter your reference number or customer ID correctly, click on “Check Bill” to see your latest FESCO bill online.
  • Download or Print Your Bill: Need a hard copy of the electricity bill FESCO? Easily download and print your bill for record-keeping or payment purposes.
  • Note: You cannot check your FESCO bill using your meter number, CNIC, name, or mobile number.
FESCO Electricity Bill Online

How to Get FESCO Duplicate Bill?

To get your FESCO duplicate bill, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Portal: Go to the user-friendly portal at https://fescoonlinebill.org.pk/.
  • Enter Your Reference Number: Type 14-digit reference number or 10-digit Customer ID correctly as mentioned in the above image.
  • Retrieve Your Duplicate Bill: Click on “Check Bill” to access your FESCO duplicate bill online.
  • Download Duplicate Bill: Easily download and print your FESCO duplicate bill for your records or payment needs.

With these easy-to-follow steps, you’ll get your FESCO duplicate bill in hand in no time!

How to get FESCO Online Bill Download?

To download your FESCO online bill, follow the steps as explained above. Check these two sections to get information “How to Check FESCO Bill Online?” and “How to Get FESCO Duplicate Bill.”

Both sections guide you through the process of accessing your FESCO bill download and FESCO duplicate bill download respectively. 

After getting your download bill, you can keep it in record or use it for payment purposes.

FESCO Mobile App (FESCO Light):

Discover the convenience of managing your FESCO electricity bills and accessing essential information with the FESCO App (FESCO Light). Available for both Android and iOS devices, this user-friendly application offers features such as:

Billing Details:Access monthly bill information directly from your mobile device.
Load Management Schedule:Stay updated on load shedding schedules.
Complaint Lodgment and Tracking:Lodge complaints and track their progress.
New Connection Applications:Apply for a new electricity connection without any inconvenience.

Try out the FESCO Light app and take control of your electricity bills from anywhere!

What are the Different FESCO Online Bill Payment Methods?

You have two convenient options for paying your FESCO bill, online and offline.

Online Payment Methods:

For online payments, you can efficiently manage your bill payments through the Internet banking services provided by any bank. You can also use JazzCash and Easypaisa mobile apps, which offer a good experience without any additional charges.

Offline Payment Methods:

If you prefer offline transactions, ensure you have a printed or hard copy of your bill. You can visit any branch of commercial or microfinance banks, or even post offices, to pay electricity bills online.

Understand Your FESCO Bill Online:

Different Sections on FESCO Bill Online:

This is a crucial document providing valuable insights into your electricity consumption and billing details. By understanding the information presented on your bill, you can effectively manage your energy usage and payments.

Here’s a breakdown of the key components you’ll find on your FESCO bill online:

Personal DetailsThis part has all your info about FESCO consumers, like name, address, meter number, customer ID, and reference number.
Issue DateThis is the date of issuance of your electricity bill.
Due DateThe due date is the deadline for paying your bill without incurring any late payment charges.
Meter Reading DateThis section shows the date when your meter was last read.
Total AmountThe bill will display the total amount you owe, which includes your electricity usage charges and any applicable taxes.
Additional ChargesYou may also see any surcharges or adjustments, such as Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) or Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (T.R Surcharge).
Payment HistoryTo track your payment history, you can refer to the bill for records of the last 12 months.

Details of Charges on FESCO Bill Online:

Understanding the key components of your electricity bill is crucial. The main components for the calculation of electricity charges are FESCO Charges, Govt Charges and Total Charges. Details of these components on the bills include the following:

FESCO Electricity BillYour FESCO electricity bill tells you how much electricity you consume and how much it costs. They figure it out based on how many units you consume per month and the rates they charge.
FC Surcharge (Fuel Cost)The FC Surcharge, or Fuel Cost, on your bill, shows how much it costs to use fuel to make electricity. This amount can change depending on the prices of fuel and the types of energy used to generate electricity.
TR Surcharge (Tariff Rationalization)Accounts for changes in electricity tariff rates to ensure alignment with regulations and policies.
Financing CostRepresents the interest expense incurred by FESCO for infrastructure and energy projects, distributed among all electricity users.
Distribution of ElectricityCovers expenses related to maintaining distribution networks and operational costs.
GST and Income TaxThe government levy these taxes which contribute to the total amount payable on your bill.
What is FESCO?

What is FESCO?

All About FESCO:

FESCO, short for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, serves as the backbone of electricity distribution for nearly 4.01 million customers. Operating within a service area spanning an estimated population of over 26 million, it stands as a cornerstone in Pakistan’s electricity distribution network.

FESCO is one of Pakistan’s top electricity companies. It works well, with hardly any power losses and they’re great at collecting bills.

They mostly help power factories in Faisalabad, which is like Pakistan’s “Manchester” because it has lots of textile industries.

Which areas are covered by FESCO?

FESCO Coverage Areas

Responsibilities of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company encompass supplying and maintaining electricity services in various cities. Areas covered by FESCO include:

Toba Tek SinghChiniot

Whether you are here to check your Faisalabad electricity bill (bijli bill) or a WAPDA bill in any other city listed above, you’re in the right place. Simply input your bill reference number, and you can quickly get the latest FESCO bill details.

What are FESCO Peak and Off-Peak Hours?

FESCO wants everyone to use less electricity during busy times of the day. This not only helps reduce your FESCO electricity bill but also keep the power supply steady for everyone.

This is beneficial for both your financial savings and ensuring stable power supply for all individuals.

FESCO Peak Hours 2024:

FESCO Peak Hours

The designated FESCO peak hours are as follows:

From April to October6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
From November to March6 PM to 10 PM

FESCO Off-Peak Hours:

Off-peak hours are times of the day when people don’t use as much electricity. This means there’s less pressure on the electrical system because of reduced demand. For FESCO, the off-peak hours are outside the designated peak hours mentioned earlier.

FESCO Customer Service:

Customer Service:

FESCO provides electricity services to over 4.01 million consumers. These services cover areas such as Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, and Toba Tek Singh. This shows their mission to help Pakistan’s economic growth.

Telephone Directory:

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding your bill, FESCO offers customer support through the following channels:

Phone+92 (41) 9220184
+92 (41) 9220229
Fax+92 (41) 9220233

Complaint Online:

You can lodge your complaint online by visiting the FESCO Complaint Portal. There, you’ll find a form on the customer complaint management system for registration. 

Moreover, you can contact FESCO office via phone at the following numbers for assistance with your complaint:

Telephone 1+92-41-9220184
Telephone 2+92-41-9220229


In conclusion, managing your FESCO bill online check is now simple and more easy than ever before. You can carry an electricity bill check FESCO online and print or download a duplicate bill from FESCO’s website. This helps you pay on time and keep track of your electricity costs easily. You can also visit the official FESCO website.


Find answers to your FESCO bill questions quickly. Our online FAQ section provides clear answers for common billing inquiries. Navigate the website with confidence and manage your bills efficiently.
FESCO’s friendly customer support is readily available to assist you further.

How do I download the FESCO e-bill?

To download your FESCO e-bill, visit the user-friendly platform at https://fescoonlinebill.org.pk/. Enter your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer number and click “Check Bill”. Then you can download your FESCO WAPDA bill free of charge.

What is the FESCO complaint number?

The FESCO complaint number is essential for addressing concerns. To contact FESCO Headquarters for any complaint, dial 111-000-118. For more information about FESCO’s helpline, refer to their dedicated helpline page.

Can I calculate my FESCO bill online?

Use FESCO bill calculator to estimate your bill amount by inputting your consumed units.

How can I obtain a duplicate FESCO bill?

Visit https://fescoonlinebill.org.pk/ and input your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer number to obtain your duplicate bill.

How to check FESCO bill without reference number?

No, it is not possible to check my FESCO bill without a reference number. To check FESCO Bill you need 14 digit reference number. However, you can contact the helpline or visit the nearest FESCO office for help.

How can I change the name on my bill?

To change your bill’s name, follow the established procedure similar to acquiring a new connection. Visit the FESCO office to initiate the name change process.

How can I verify if my bill has been paid or not?

To verify your bill payment status, contact the helpline for assistance as public availability is limited. Moreover, you can also use the FESCO App to check if your FESCO bill has been paid or not.

What is FPA in the FESCO meter bill?

FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment, which is a part of the FESCO meter bill. It might change the bill amount depending on how much the fuel prices go up or down.

Can I access old bills online?

Currently, accessing old bills online isn’t possible. The reason is FESCO bill management system only displays the bill for the previous month. But, on the bill, there is a section which list down total bill amount for previous 12 months. If you need complete old bill copies, you need to visit FESCO nearest office to get hard copies for old bill records.

What is the detection bill FESCO WAPDA?

FESCO, which is part of WAPDA, issues a detection bill to consumers when there is an issue with their electricity meter. This could be due to malfunctions in the meter including slow meter reading or instances of illegal electricity theft, direct hooking or misuse.

How to do electricity bill check FESCO?

To check your electricity bill with FESCO, simply visit their website. Once there, input either your 14-digit Reference Number or your 10-digit Customer ID Number. Then, click on the “Check Bill” button. In this way, you can carry an electricity bill check FESCO online.

How to do FESCO Online Bill Check Print?

If you’re looking to print your FESCO online bill, follow these steps. Go to the top of this webpage and enter your 14 digit Reference Number or 10 digit Customer ID Number.
Select the option “Check Bill” upon completion of entering your details. Once the system displays your bill, you can choose to print it. This is how you can get your FESCO Online Bill Check Print.

How to Do FESCO Online Bill Check Previous Month?

No, you can not carryout FESCO Online Bill Check Previous Month. This happens because the FESCO Billing System updates the bill for the new or current month. Therefore, you will not be able to do FESCO Online Bill Check Previous Month. 
But if you download and install the FESCO App (FESCO Light), you can choose to check your FESCO Online Bill for the previous month.

How to check electricity bill online?

To check your electricity bill online, visit the FESCO website and input your details to view your bill summary. In this way you can perform an electricity bill online check.

What is FC surcharge in electricity bill?

The FC surcharge is an extra cost on the electricity bill. It shows how much it costs to use fuel to make electricity.

How to find K number in electricity bill?

Refer to the designated section on the electricity bill, where it usually mentions, to locate your K number.